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Crazy C818
Impendence Transformer

USD  $29.95
Shipping cost $25

Crazy C818 is a high performance impedance transformer that adapts low impedance microphones to high impedance. CP818 can be used with Audix fireball microphone, Crazy Little Grenade microphone, Bushman Torpedo microphone, Shure SM57/58 and other low impendence microphones. It is much hotter than other impendence transformers.

The cable should be no more than 5m [16 ft]

* Metal body
* Dimensions without adapter:
   5.5cm [2-1/5 in.] L, 19mm [3/4 in.] Diameter
* Humbucking coil for reduced noise
* 20Hz-20kHz frequency response
* Impendence from low to high
* Connector:
   High: 1/4 inch phone plug
   Low:  XLR female
* Positive pressure on diaphragm produces positive voltage on pin 2.
* Three different connectors available.



Optional Accessories

Rain Drop harmonica microphone

Little Grenade harmonica microphone

Custom Torpedo Microphone

Inline volume control (Low-Z)


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