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Blow out. China 2009, Beijing & Shanghai

Thanks for Woodie Wu, with his effort, In 2008, the Chinese harp players got their own harmonica party 'Harmonica Blowout Beijing 2008'. And more than 200 people enjoyed a harmonica Festival.

Now, in this warm spring, Woodie and his friends will continue this harmonica blowout performance, sponsored by Seydel and, this year's performance will hold in Beijing and Shanghai. And I am invited to introduce my crazy stuff in this event.

Time: 11th April, Saturday
Place: JiangHu Bar in Beijing
Players: Claudio Curro
            Woodie Wu,
            Jason Zhang,
BAND:  Woodie Alan


Time: 19th April, Sunday
Place: Yuyintang ShangHai
Players: HUANG Se,
            Wang Zhengyuan,
            Wang Kai,
            Chen Shanqing,
            Lv Rende.
Band:    Swinging sudan

Below are the video of Blowout Beijing 2008

Welcome to this new world!


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