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Blow out. China 2009, Beijing & Shanghai

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Thanks for the economic crisis, someone can not afford the cost of cybersquatting and give up the domain name '', this is just what I need...

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Welcome to this new world!


'Welcome to this new world.' This is the first word my friend, woodie, said to me when he heard the bad news  of mine. I lost my position in Motorola, yeah, I am unemployed.

I feel no sad, but It is really a pity that  Motorola, Such a brilliant company (ever been) seems hard to recover from the faintness. It's no matter with the current economic crisis. Some occupational managers' unprofessional operations made Motorola eat Chronic Poisons. Yeah it should be drugs, 4 years ago, from the top to the bottom (perhaps only the top), all are in the dream of surmounting Nokia to be No.1 in mobile phone. But now, it is really a joke. Is ANDROID the life-saving straw for Motorola? It should be another joke. Motorola's show time on mobile phone has passed.

I have one month or more to enjoy the unemployment life, share more time with my family, enjoy the days of waiting for my coming baby. And by the way, I will share another world of mine with the harp players, my crazy world of blues harp. Welcome to this crazy world.

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