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Crazy V818L
Inline Volume controller

USD $29.95
Shipping cost $25

Crazy V818L is a high performance inline volume controller for the microphone (with XLR connector) without a volume control knob. The user should be careful when choosing this inline volume controller for there is different between high impedance and low impendence microphones. It is designed for the Crazy series low impendence Mics with XLR connector. And it can also be used together with other low-Z microphones such as Audix firevball, SHURE SM57/58, SHURE BETA 57A/58A, and so on.

* All in one design, the shortest in dimensions
* Metal body and metal knob
* High performance potentiometers
* Dimensions without adapter:
   62mm [2-2/5 in.] L, 19mm [3/4 in.] Diameter
* Impendence for low or high chose by user
* Connector: XLR
* Positive pressure on diaphragm produces positive voltage on pin 2.
* Two different connectors available.



Optional Accessories

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Little Grenade harmonica microphone

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