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Jason Zhang, 
famous Chinese blues harmonica player, is good at diverse music styles, especially the blues. His recital leaves the audience not only the beauty of harmonica, but also the echo of music at the bottom of the hearts.


Equipped with sound guitar skills as well as rich performing experiences, he becomes an expert in blues harmonica. Once being the only harmonica solo player in Xintiandi, Shanghai, now the harmonica player in Red Zebra Band, he actively plays in various bars in Beijing and has recorded harmonica music in many TV works.

As an excellent blues harmonica educator, Jason Zhang set up China first teaching website of blues harmonica. The fans of blues harmonica are being attracted by his unique charm, and he’s played an important role in promoting China’s development of blues harmonica. His teaching is low-profile, but rather sharply intense, which is just like his music, low-keyed but energetic.



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Zhang Min, 师从杨乐老师,曾担任"旅程乐队"吉他手兼主唱, 现任"皮火乐队"口琴手.曾参加《郝云北京》专辑口琴录制,电影《意乱情迷》主题歌的口琴录制。













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Impendence transformer

Rain Drop harmonica microphone

Inline volume control

Custom Torpedo microphone

The Crazy stuff Min used

Dragon Ball [Black] microphone

Inline volume control


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