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Woodie Wu

Woodie Wu has been a fixture on the Beijing rock and blues scenes for over a decade, playing with The Handsome Blacks, The Fly (Cangying), Muma, Sand, Slap(Erguang) and Skyscraper (Motianlou). He moved to Melbourne, Australia for three years where he performed regularly with The Stellsons and other bands before returning to Beijing in 2006. After he came back, he co-found the blues band Woodie Alan with American singer/guitarist Alan Paul, performed hundreds of gigs all around China.  Here is Woodie Alan's page on myspace:
Woodie Alan ( )

In 2007, In February, Woodie organized the "Charlie Musselwhite harmonica workshop Beijing", Mr. Charlie Musselwhite shared his experience with more than 100 local players for about 2 hours. (View the related video)

The same year in June, Woodie organized the "Harmonica Blowout Beijing", six of local top harp players played there. More than 200 people attended, more than 30 local websites reported it. (View the related video)

In the year 2008, Woodie Alan was named "Band of the Year" by City Weekend magazine, after winning the English language magazine's Reader's Poll. As a gifted harp player, Woodie also plays 8-string lap steel guitar. These traditional American instruments enliven many country and blues classics and their rich, evocative tones are at the core of his sound.
Woodie Wu's myspace page with his music: Woodie Wu (

Simon Zhang is almost the most famous Chinese local blues harp player. He is well known as BlueSimon by the Chinese harp players on the internet.

Simon once was a professional bassist, he has terrific music feeling. His playing style is delicate. It seems that a simple note he played or the sound of his breath will touch the soul of the audience easily.

Blues, Pop music, Jazz, Country, folks, he interested in a wide range. It is worth mentioning that some of his try of playing Chinese traditional folk music with ten-hole blues harp not only surprised the other blues harp players but also won the praise of the composer and the original player. Click to listen to this 'Soul of Qin'.

Simon is also a good harp teacher, although few guys have the chance to take a face-to-face lesson  for his busy work as a government official, more beginners get benefits from the teaching video clips made by Simon.




Simon's Video Blog:



The Crazy stuff Woodie used

Impendence transformer

Dragon Ball harmonica microphone

Custom SHURE SM57

Inline volume control







The Crazy stuff Simon used

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