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Bruce Zhang

A blues harp player.

A custom harp and custom harmonica microphone builder, almost the first custom builder on blues harp and harmonica microphone.

Bruce is a PH.d on EE and he also has a master degree on Mechanical Electronic Engineering. He had been a direct system engineer in Lenovo for over 5 years and worked for Motorola as a senior software engineer for 4 years.  Recently he lost his job in Motorola for the economic crisis. So he has some time to show his stuff built for harp players. This website is built by him.

If you have good job opportunities in Beijing China,  Let him have a try.

His blog in Chinese,



Tracy Chen

Tracy is a senior engineer on water applications,  has a Master degree on Applied Chemistry, She is a beautiful girl. She is here to help to communicate with the users and in charge of the custom service.


He is still a secret now,  he and his amazing stuff will be here soon.



With Charlie in London

With Charlie and his wife in Beijing

With a street performer from Italy

With 'harpsucker' Thomas
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