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Jason Zhang's performance with the Crazy Product.

During the acoustic playing with PA, he uses the Rain Drop harmonica microphone only. And when he need some more distortion on a Guitar amp, he will use the Rain Drop and the impendence transformer.

Below are the audios of his performance.

1.wma             2.wma           4.wma            5.wma

Simon's big horn-harmonica



TearDrop(Dragon Ball)


Don't care what he said (It's in Chinese), But enjoy what he played.

Here are the audios of Woodie's performance. In these songs woodie uses a TearDrop Harmonica microphone as a acoustic mic.  Some other clips with custom SM57 will be here soon.

Dance on the train   
Only me

The World

Heart-rending diary



Rain Drop microphone

Impendence transformer

Dragon Ball (Tear Drop) Mic
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