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Custom Torpedo microphone
Low  impendence dynamic mic

USD $119.95
Shipping cost $30


Torpedo is definitely one of the best looking new mics on the market today. Based on the Astatic JT30 design with added venting on the side makes for a pretty slick look. The orifinal Torpedo  is a bullet mic with a vocal mic cartridge. When you play with a VERY loose cup you can  achieve an acoustic tone, and when you play with a tighter cup for specific passages then you can get some tonal difference which is more blusy.

This custom Torpedo mic is built with a volume control knob.

* Volume control knob
* Die-cast metal body
* Unidirectional dynamic cartridge
* Neodymium magnet
* 40Hz-16kHz frequency response
* Low Impendence (220 ohms)
* Output Level (at 1000Hz)
     -58.0dB (High)
     0dB = 1 volt per Pascal (1 Pa = 94dB SPL)
* Positive pressure on diaphragm produces positive voltage on pin 2.
Dimensions: 57 mm (diameter) x L 76 mm
* Accessories: Wooden storage case



Optional Accessories

Cable, Hi-Z (5m [16ft])

Impendence Transformer

Cable, Low-Z(5m [16ft])


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